Dexible v1.0 vs v2.0
The team behind Dexible started off building an automation platform called BUIDLHub in 2019 which launched at ETHDenver in 2020. The objective was tooling between web2.0 <> web3.0. to reduce friction for individuals by automating workflows. The team participated in the Creative Destruction Labs Accelerator and during the course of the program, pivoted to DeFi trading automation during DeFi Summer. Its current aims are focused on building the most comprehensive set of trading tools for these new financial markets.
Dexible v2.0 makes several dramatic improvements over Dexible Alpha.
Note: There is a separate versioning number for the API (current version v2.0) versus the version of the Web App UI (current version v1.2).
This update features a new web app UI, new smart contracts, new infrastructure, a different business model, a new backend API, and new JS & Python SDKs. Ever since the launch of the v2.0 API, Dexible has executed tens of thousands of swaps with hundreds of millions of dollars getting executed through its contracts.
Sources of Liquid
Only 2 sources Uniswap & Sushiswap
57+ sources
Number of child orders
More child orders required
Less child orders required
Estimate Algorithm
Minimized Cost
Maximizes for alpha
Pre-Trade Estimates
Inaccurate at times
Far more accurate
0.0029 ETH
Flat fees on each network per round taken in the highest liquidity token from the swap pair
Required spend allowance & users to deposit ETH into a Gas Tank to account for txn fees
Requires token spend allowance, no Gas Tank
Execution Customization
Policy-based algo trading for more expressive order execution criteria
Programmatic Execution
API endpoint, Javascript SDK and Python SDK for programmatic order submission
Manually generated by team at request from backend
Users can view order logs and export CSV reports of order outcomes for analysis and reporting
Handheld the user through a series of cards
Streamlined dashboard for single-view quotes and order submissions.
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