Gas Fees

Dexible will properly estimate the gas fee for a successful strategy execution. The gas fee, computed off-chain, will be expressed in both fee-token and native currency units. Because it's computed off-chain, the accuracy of the estimate may not align with actual gas fees on-chain. Sometimes it will be higher; sometimes lower.

Swapping Fees

The business model is simple—a flat fee per swap. This flat fee is an early business model to encourage early adopters.
The platform takes a flat fee on each network per each swap executed from the trader's highest liquidity token involved in the swap (ex: swapping a long tail asset for USDC, Dexible takes USDC as a fee).
Dexible charges ≈$14 for Ethereum Mainnet and ≈$5 on alt-chains for each transaction of the order, extracted from the highest liquid token involved in the swap.

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