Submitting an Order
Submitting a Recommended vs Custom Order, Spend Allowance approval
After you inputted the order parameters in the Order Form, Dexible automatically performs calculations to determine your maximum output rate balanced against keeping txn fees in check. It will auto select the number of rounds policy, while using default settings for the other policies:
  • Default Gas Strategy: Relative (aka uncapped fast gas txn)
  • Default Expiration: GTC (aka go-til-closed)
  • Default Slippage: 0.5%
You have the option of submitting a "Recommended" or "Custom" Order. Custom orders just mean you've changed some of the automatic order parameters Dexible provided with your own values for number of swaps, gas strategy, slippage, or expiration.
If you haven't approved the Spend Allowance you'll see this
Go to this icon and click it.
Bring up the spend allowance modal
We recommend Indefinite trades: the difference is "One Trade" approves a specific amount in this txn (aka 300 UNI) vs "Indefinite Trades" which lets you make any number of trades with UNI input interacting with the Dexible contracts.
Last modified 3mo ago
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