Submitting an Order
A simple walkthrough on submitting an order with Dexible.

1. Launch the App

On, click "Launch App" in the top right hand corner.

2. Agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

3. Connect a Wallet

Connect your web3 wallet.
Sign your wallet signature request and you will be automatically redirected to the Dexible App.
4. Welcome to Dexible! Below is what we call the "Cockpit", where traders can customize and submit orders.
This is the Simple Mode UI.
You can also click 'Switch To Advanced Mode UI' if you prefer.
5. Choose the network
6. Choose your order type
7. Choose Tokens and Input Amount

8. Approve Token Spend Allowance

For each token on each network, you'll need to approve a spend allowance. This helps protect traders from getting exploited by a rogue platform, but the onus falls on the trader to make sure they manage their approvals.
If you haven't approved the Spend Allowance you will see this.
Enter an input amount first.
You will need a balance in your account for all the input to approve it.
When you have the tokens, you can go through the approval.
Click this icon. It brings up the spend allowance modal.
We recommend Indefinite trades: the difference is "One Trade" approves a specific amount in this txn (aka 300 UNI) vs "Indefinite Trades" which lets you make any number of trades with UNI input interacting with the Dexible contracts.
For clarification, the one trade comprises the whole parent order meaning all the input. This is important to understand since Dexible breaks up the order into different rounds.
If you choose indefinite trades, you'll never need to approve more tokens again, which may be more cost-effective. Some folks prefer, for operational security sake, to only approve their stated input.
With either choice, you'll need to approve a transaction from your wallet.
After this is done, you'll see the token is approved.
9. Set customizable parameters
Market orders only require the token input, but additional customizations can be applied. Customize your gas fee strategy, order expiration and order slippage in advanced mode UI. Use order types with customizable parameters to have the options to define number of rounds, price bounds, and/or trigger values.
9 3/4. Get a Quote
After you input the order parameters in the Order Form, Dexible automatically performs calculations to determine your maximum output rate balanced against keeping txn fees in check.
Dexible will auto select the number of rounds and default settings for the other policies:
  • Default Gas Strategy: Relative (aka uncapped fast gas txn)
  • Default Expiration: GTC (aka go-til-closed)
  • Default Slippage: 0.5%
You have the option of submitting a "Recommended" or "Custom" Order. Custom Orders just mean you've changed some of the automatic order parameters Dexible provided with your own values for number of swaps, gas strategy, slippage, or expiration.
10. Review estimated outcomes
11. Submit order
12. View order confirmation

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