Dexible API & SDK

Professional grade, programmatic execution for open financial markets
Dexible is a fully automated Execution Management System (EMS) for DeFi. In its simplest form, Dexible takes on the responsibility of executing DeFi "orders" according to user-specified "policies". These policies basically dictate how execution should be carried out.
The SDK is a library used to interact directly with the Dexible infrastructure. It makes it easier to call the appropriate APIs with added header signatures, etc. With the SDK, it is possible to:
  • Lookup token metadata quickly (including wallet balance and Dexible spend allowances)
  • Get quotes for token swaps
  • Submit orders to Dexible for execution
  • Query active and historical orders
  • Pause, Resume, and Cancel orders
Before diving into the weeds of the SDK, it may be necessary to first understand how Dexible receives, validates, and executes orders--basically how Dexible works.
See below the experience you can expect:
Getting an Order Quote
Submit an Order
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