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Dexible is a trading engine for pro traders to maximize profitability. Fully noncustodial set-and-forget orders on 6 major EVM chains across 60+ dexes.
Dexible is more than a DEX aggregator. It's an Algo Execution Suite for maximizing profitability designed for the pros.
  • Minimizes Price-Impact: Splits large orders into market impact minimizing rounds.
  • Full Trade Lifecycle Support: Detailed pre-trade and post-trade analysis.
  • Post-Order Analytics: View and export detailed trade history reports for reporting and analysis.
  • Smart Order Routing: Taps into 60+ liquidity sources for optimal price discovery.
Dexible's order types include:
Order Type
Split up your input amount into tranches to swap so long as market conditions support.
Splits up your input amount such that all input is traded across tranches within the Time Period.
​Limit Orders​
Conditional swap that will execute only when the trader's desired price rate is met.
​Stop Loss​
Rely on prices dipping below a stop price threshold before triggering a market order that attempts to exit your position as quickly as possible.
​Trailing Stop​
Stop order that can be set at a defined percentage or amount away from the current market price of a specific asset.
​Stop Limit​
Rely on the spot price going above a price threshold before triggering a limit order that swaps only when the spot market price rate is below the limit threshold.
​Take Profit​
Initiates a market order once the spot price exceeds a specified percentage over a configured starting price.
How-to Guide and video linked below:

What is Dexible?

Dexible is a decentralized exchange (dex) aggregator and execution management system (EMS) optimizing full trade life-cycle support in DeFi. The platform offers pro traders and portfolio managers core atomic functionality out-of-the-box that vastly improves overall performance.
Dexible helps traders by deploying capital efficiently. It has algorithmic trading strategies baked in which have saved thousands for its customers.
Use cases below:
No subscription or registration is required to get started. Even institutions can connect to the platform even using MPC wallets like Fireblocks or Qredo. Trades are private and noncustodial. Think of Dexible as a highly flexible dex aggregator with an execution layer modeled to resemble OEMS in CeFi & Traditional Finance. The platform scans all the available sources of liquidity on a particular blockchain to optimize outcomes for swaps. Dexible also checks dexes for their current pricing and available liquidity, among other on and off-chain conditions. When market conditions match the trader's criteria, orders get submitted through Dexible's Settlement Smart Contract, then calling out to one or more dex contracts to execute the actual trades.

Why Use Dexible?

If you are in DeFi, you deserve a comprehensive set of professional tools.
The platform is accessible on 6 different L1 chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, and Fantom. A total of 60+ liquidity sources are integrated. Beyond this, the platform offers unique UX and tooling to help translate multi-strategy portfolios into results across the many financial products offered on different blockchain networks.
With Dexible, traders can enter and exit large positions in DeFi without fearing market manipulation or MEV. With radical financial innovation and growth comes radical investment returns and opportunity, leading to more institutional capital flooding into the ecosystem. Utilize the Web App UI or integrate with our SDK.
The Dexible v1.5 Cockpit

More Reasons to Use Dexible

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