Dexible is the EMS that pro traders need. It introduces customizable algo orders to DeFi to 20+ liquidity sources. Fully noncustodial and audited.
Dexible enables traders to use sophisticated execution for DeFi swaps by
  • providing detailed pre-trade and post-trade analysis
  • splitting large orders into market impact minimizing rounds
  • giving professionals detailed trade history reports
  • handling automation in a totally hands-off, noncustodial fashion
  • tapping into 20+ liquidity sources for optimal price discovery
Dexible orders are Flexible orders: you can choose the algorithm you want to run, customize preferences (aka policies, ex: a gas txn strategy, expiration time, or acceptable execution price ranges), and have greater control over execution parameters (aka: number of rounds).
The top use cases are:
  1. 1.
    Making smarter trades with minimal effort
  2. 2.
    Swapping large volume minimal slippage.
  3. 3.
    Swapping in/out of illiquid mid/small-cap assets.
Dexible Alpha launched in December 2020. Dexible v2 was launched in late August 2021. V2 features an app rebuilt from the ground up:
  • New API SDK
  • New reworked infrastructure
  • New battle-tested backend
  • New frontend UI & UX
  • New trade settlement logic baked into the smart contracts
The Dexible v2 smart contracts are audited. The business model is simple—it takes a flat fee per each round executed from the trader's highest liquidity token involved in the swap (ex: swapping a long tail asset for USDC, Dexible takes USDC as a fee).
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