Managing DeFi Strategies

Opportunties to earn when moving from CeFi to DeFi.

In 2021, the DeFi ecosystem exploded over 20x. Led by the sucessess of 2020 and the ongoing supercycle bull run the following year, several DeFi specific funds have been created and money is entering the ecosystem through CeFi custodian --> MPC Custodian transfers.

In 2022, the DeFi ecosystem now comprises of multiple simultaneous narratives and growth patterns. For starters, many of the world’s leading financial institutions making their first steps beyond building up tokens in CeFi exchanges. Consistent development has resulted in new lending, on-chain insurance, new AMM models, cross-chain asset deployments, and automated strategies. P2E games and NFTfi dapps are employing DeFi incentives to create compelling game experiences and economies.

Exposure to DeFi opens up opportunities to earn yields that outweigh those in CeFi or traditional markets. Buying and holding onto a basket of coins is just the beginning. Market neutral strategies favor stablecoin yields. Arbitrage strategies look to exploit AMM and briding pricing inefficiencies. Liquid small-cap strategies look to find emerging token projects that align with narratives for maximizing upside. The exposure to DeFi brings many opportunities to earn but introduces new risks as well.

You can explore some of these opportunties here:

Dexible's aim is to help mitigate risk for liquid portfolio management.

In short, Dexible eliminates the need for stress towards your portfolio's exposure to DeFi assets. More dialogue on how Dexible tackles speculation and volatility can be found here:

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