Use Cases

Dexible is a seamless way to turn strategies into results.
Use Case
Swaps with Illiquid Assets or Microcaps
Today traders manually time and submit 5-10 rounds, whereas Dexible can handle and break up 60+ automated rounds hassle-free.
Best Price, Min Fees
Use Limit Orders to trigger when prices are favorable while using a fixed txn fee cap to trade during off-peak hours.
Buying a Dip in Prices
Use a Stop Limit to catch the bottom and bounce in prices while setting an upper price tolerance to enter/exit.
Staking Position Entry
Use TWAPs to improve purchasing power for large orders of staked/farming assets.
Preserve Profits
Employ Trailing Stops to follow upward price moves during bull runs, trigger an order after a support level has been hit, then stopping before the next level of resistance.
Rug Pull Protection
Use an automated Stop Loss to catch bearish price falls and trigger swaps to preserve alpha.
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