Dexible Press Kit

Proper Use of the Dexible Logo - Updated February 2023

Fun Fact: "Dexible" comes from "Flexible". Flexible to us implied a slinky. The Dexible logo is a slinky, because like a slinky, the the total order amount falls down with each new transaction as a step.

Our team strongly recommends the use of the full brand logo with the "Dexible" name attached. Below we've also attached the sphere itself with the slinky inside.

From 2023 on, please use the Dexible v2.0 logo. We have a logo for light and dark backgrounds

Light colored backgrounds

Dark colored backgrounds

Dexible v2.0 Eagles

We have 2 eagle variants: the circle represents DXBL and the standalone one represents the whole company.

We have a logo for light backgrounds and we have a logo for dark backgrounds

Dexible v1.0 Logo Sphere & Slinky

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