$DXBL Questions

Answers to questions about the token.

Q: How do I claim $DXBL?

A: There is no need to claim $DXBL as it is automatically minted to your trading wallet as part of trading activity on the platform.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of $DXBL required to burn?

A: No, there is no minimum requirement; however, it is important to have enough $DXBL to cover the gas fees associated with the burn process.

Q: How does the rolling 24-hour volume impact the difficulty of minting rate? And how is scarcity accounted for within variable minting rates?

A: The difficulty of the minting rate is determined by the 24-hour volume. The higher the volume, the higher the minting rate (i.e., the more challenging it becomes). The minting rate is calculated using a specific formula, which can be found here.

Q: Why might $DXBL trade at a premium or discount to its NAV?

A: If market sentiment suggests that the volumes will continue to rise, $DXBL may trade at a premium as it becomes more advantageous to buy in the open market than mint through trading. Conversely, if $DXBL is trading at a discount to its NAV, buying and immediately burning the tokens in the Community Vault may become viable.

Q: What distinguishes True NAV from Minting NAV?

A: The Minting NAV represents the theoretical value of an individual token as if there were no dilution outstanding. Conversely, the True NAV accounts for dilution by calculating the Community Vault value divided by the Outstanding Tokens. NAV is described in more detail here.

Q: How does the soft-cap of $DXBL impact its supply?

A: The supply of $DXBL is determined by the volume of trades going through the protocol. As the daily volume approaches $1 billion, the supply of tokens will tighten at a faster rate until tokens can no longer be minted.

Q: How is the outstanding supply of $DXBL measured?

A: The supply of $DXBL is measured on each chain it is offered on and can be found in the list of live chains on the Dexible Dashboard. The total outstanding supply of each chain can also be easily found there.

Q: Does $DXBL incentivize early users?

A: $DXBL incentivizes not only early users but also traders who use the platform during lower volume windows and at higher volume windows. Those that mint at favorable minting rates see more value at less favorable minting rates.

Q: Is there an Airdrop of $DXBL planned?

A: $DXBL cannot be airdropped because $DXBL can only be minted through trading activity. There is no allocation in the Treasury set aside for airdrops, nor is there a premine that grants special $DXBL allocation to the team or any other 3rd party.

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