DXBL Technical Paper

Tracing how the Proof of Trade protocol works through its Smart Contract architecture.

Proof of Trade (aka "PoT") aims to promote awareness and use of the Dexible Smart Order Routing engine. The Dexible team invented Proof of Trade to promote awareness and increase engagement and retention for the Dexible platform.

To recap the DXBL Litepaper, Proof of Trade mints new tokens as a reward for volume passed through the protocol. Only successful transactions will prove trading activity occurred and be counted towards minting. Trading is but one part of a strategy, and swaps are a fundamental primitive at the basis of all DeFi strategies. At the same time, Dexible enables use cases not available elsewhere it engineered over 2+ years of development. So with Proof of Trade in Dexible version 2.0, it is likely traders will weigh the incentives for proving trading volume with Dexible's set-and-forget capabilities that offer fundamental value for risk mitigation and profit taking.

This Technical Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying Smart Contract Architecture and logic that powers the Proof of Trade protocol.

The source code for the relevant contracts can be accessed through the following GitHub repository: https://github.com/BUIDLHub/dexible-pot

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