Burning $DXBL

What is the process of redeeming value from the $DXBL I hold?

As trading activity goes through the protocol, the Community Vault grows at a linear rate within the set range of $200-$400 for every $1,000,000 traded, depending on applicable discounts. This growth in the Community Vault is thus directly tied to the volume in the platform.

Every integrated blockchain has its own Community Vault, $DXBL token, and volume.

$DXBL token holders can redeem their tokens on the Earn Dashboard. Traders will redeem their $DXBL for an equal amount of a Vault Token of their choice. To protect against redeeming an insufficient supply of the Vault Tokens, a slippage tolerance will prevent the trader from trying to redeem. Another redemption token will be suggested in those cases. These vault tokens provide a flexible and convenient way for token holders to participate in the success of the protocol and to realize their share of the Community Vault's growth.

The value of each $DXBL token is determined by the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Community Vault, which can be calculated as:

This calculation provides a clear and transparent measure of the token's value. It allows token holders to track the protocol's performance and make informed decisions about the health and trajectory of the protocol.

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