Change Process

What is the process for upgrade Proof of Trade contracts?

The protocol changes review process has been implemented to promote transparency and community involvement in the decision-making process. The two-phase review process will ensure that all changes are thoroughly reviewed and approved before being implemented in the protocol. In this context, “change” refers to migrating the CommunityVault to a new version or forking the Dexible settlement contract with a completely new version. No upgrades are possible on these contracts and any new versions must be reviewed prior to deploying new contracts.

“Migrating” the CommunityVault means creating a new contract, likely with new features and settings, and asking the current “live” vault to migrate its information and token balances to the new version.

Review Phase 1

The process begins with submitting a Pull Request (PR) on the Proof of Trade smart contract repository, which will be announced on Dexible's official channels. This allows the community to review the proposed changes and provide feedback or suggestions. The first review phase will last seven days. Any changes made during this period will extend the review period to ensure that all relevant parties have adequate time to review the proposed modifications.

Review Phase 2

In the second review phase, the Dexible team will submit an on-chain request for change utilizing a multisig mechanism. This submission will initiate a 7-day grace period, which will serve as a final opportunity for the community to review the proposed changes before they are applied. The grace period is designed to ensure that those who do not follow the official channels but monitor the contract for change events have a final opportunity to review the proposed changes.

Once the grace period has ended, the Dexible team will submit the final approvals through a Gnosis Safe MultiSig to make the changes official. This mechanism ensures that all changes are thoroughly reviewed and approved by multiple parties before being implemented on the protocol, ensuring the security and stability of the network.

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