A handguide for the various terms Dexible introduced.


Child Order

A round of a parent order.


The page you land on when you navigate to app.dexible.io.


The pure utility token for the Proof of Trade Protocol that drives Dexible settlement.

Earn Dashboard

A page in the Dexible app devoted to maintaining accurate records on the volume passed through the Proof of Trade protocol on various networks and showing the net asset value for the DXBL token on each chain.

Order Logs

This page shows the post-trade analysis for all orders submitted on Dexible. You can find the logs on app.dexible.io/order_logs

Version 2 introduced a chart that shows spot market prices at the time of fulfillment and the effective price that the trader got back.

Order Splitting

A unique algorithm Dexible runs on every quote. This algo attempts to maximize profitability by minimizing price impact. It does so by cutting the input into various rounds.

Order Type

A pre-baked conditional strategy. Each strategy has a different use case. Together, they are the wrenches, hammers, sockets, and adaptors in your toolbox.

You can see all the order types here.

Parent Order

Any split order on Dexible that is composed of one or more rounds.

Smart Order Router

The API code is responsible for sampling DEXs, sizing out how various quotes perform and determining how much input gets fulfilled at a particular DEX or across multiple DEXs for each round and the whole order.

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