Submitting an Order

A simple walkthrough on submitting an order with Dexible.

Get more Tutorials like above on the Dexible Youtube page.

Step #1: Launch the App

On, click "Launch App" in the top right-hand corner or click "Trade Smarter" in the middle of the screen.

Step #2: Familiarize Yourself with the UI

When you enter the Dexible app, you'll land on the Cockpit.

  • On the left, you'll see the Order Form.

    • At the top, you can choose an Order Type.

    • Underneath, you can select the assets to swap in the token selector.

    • Beneath the token selector and spot price rate, you can input the additional order parameters.

    • Underneath, you can expand Customization to have additional parameters to tweak.

  • On the right, you'll see the Estimated Outcomes.

    • At the top, you'll see the highlighted estimates.

    • Underneath, you'll see more detailed information on price impact, costs, and fills.

  • Underneath the Estimated outcomes, you'll see the Order Blotter, which shows current and historical orders.

Step #3: Fill Out the Order Form

3a. Select the Order Type

Click on the button in the top to open the dropdown. You can learn more about Dexible's Order Types here.

pageDexible's Order Types

3b. Choose Input Tokens

Click the dropdowns next to "Select the input token" or "Select the output token" to expand the token selector. These show the default tokens per each of those chains.

You can also copy and paste a token address (find them on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap for the appropriate chain) into the search bar.

You can type in a full name of a token.

You can type in the token ticker shorthand.

3c. Fill out the Order Parameters

Each order type has more specific settings required for order submission.

Step #4: Consider your Strategy

At this point, you'll now see Order Estimates populate on the right.

You should review the prices of the tokens you're trying to swap on Dexscreener, Trading View, Coingecko Terminal, or some other price analysis tracker dashboard.

You should review the various Dexible use case on the page linked below.

pageUse Cases

Conditionality can be applied for timing orders. Or you can think about making your liquidity more efficient when you swap.

Step #5: Run Estimates and Optimize

Once aligned with the strategy and the inputs, you can optionally optimize the swap. The original estimates shown to you are based on recommended settings Dexible provides. Click Customization to open up additional settings.

Inside of Customization, there are a few options related to the number of swaps, the gas strategy, order expiration, and order slippage.

Order Expiration is different from the TWAP Time Period. Order Expiration is a hard stop on the order, while a TWAP's Time Period will split up the input to swap within nearly equal time delays between each child order.

As you apply customizations, the Order Estimates will expand to compare the original Dexible recommended order to the customizations you'e applied.

Dexible will auto-select the number of rounds and default settings for the other policies:

  • Default Gas Strategy: Relative (aka uncapped fast gas txn)

  • Default Expiration: GTC (aka go-til-closed)

  • Default Slippage: 0.5%

You have the option of submitting a "Recommended" or "Custom" Order. Custom Orders mean you've changed some of the automatic order parameters Dexible provided with your values for a number of swaps, gas strategy, slippage, or expiration.

Step #6: Connect Wallet

Sign your wallet signature request and you will be automatically redirected to the Dexible App.

Choose any of the wallet options to connect.

Step #7: Submit the Order

Approve Token Spend Allowance

For each token on each network, you'll need to approve a spend allowance. This helps protect traders from getting exploited by a rogue platform, but the onus falls on the trader to make sure they manage their approvals.

Enter an input amount first. You will need a balance in your account for all the input to approve it.

When you have the tokens, you can go through the approval. It brings up this spend allowance modal.

We recommend Indefinite trades: the difference is "One Trade" approves a specific amount in this txn (aka 300 UNI) vs "Indefinite Trades" which lets you make any number of trades with UNI input interacting with the Dexible contracts.

For clarification, the one trade comprises the whole parent order meaning all the input. This is important to understand since Dexible breaks up the order into different rounds.

If you choose indefinite trades, you'll never need to approve more tokens again, which may be more cost-effective. Some folks prefer, for operational security sake, to only approve their stated input.

With either choice, you'll need to approve a transaction from your wallet.

Submit the Order

Review all the breakdowns listed here. Then, when ready, click "Confirm Order."

We also encourage you to read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

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