How to Participate

4 Ways to Grow Alongside Dexible

First, EARN a share of revenues from all order flow you generate from your referral link, while ALSO offering discounts on fees. Some may just want to offer discounts, and that works with us as well.


Method #2: Earn with the Trade Portal

Second, EARN a kickback from using the Trade Portal to generate flow. The Trade Portal is a plug-and-play iFrame, with prebuilt a responsive UI. Integrators become Dexible Affiliates and earn a portion of all fees through a Dexible revshare program.

Learn more below on the program:

Use the Typeform to become an Affiliate:

Learn more about the Trade Portal below:

Method #3: Earn with the Widget

Third, EARN a kickback using the Dexible Widget.

This pill can sit on any webpage like customer support while offering super simplified Uniswap-styled accessibility to Dexible's top-tier trading backend.

Method #4: Integrate the SDK

EARN a kickback from using our SDK to generate external flow.

3rd partner platforms can use their own UI while baking in the powerful Dexible SDK to enable their user's access to a full algo suite.

More Info on all of the above at the link down below:

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