Release notes for new versions of Dexible

(Upcoming) Dexible version 2.0

  • Revamping the Order Logs.

  • Abstracting the token list.

  • Setting Limit and Stop Loss price rates in terms of USD.

  • Condensing the Estimated Outcomes.

  • Adding a price chart to the Cockpit.

  • Making the price chart on the Cockpit interactive.

  • Deploying the new marketing web page.

  • Adding new order-type icons.

Dexible version 1.5 β€”Β 2023.01.12

  • Introduced new dark and light mode UIs.

  • TWAP Price Bounds now function as Range Orders.

  • Made the Token Selector more intuitive.

  • Significantly improved the Token Approval UX.

  • Loading estimates are far more seamless.

  • Updated the quote refresh UX.

  • Added price impact to the Dexible quote.

  • Improved limit price accuracy.

  • Integrated both Arbitrum and Optimism.

Dexible version 1.4 β€” 2022.09.15

  • Introduced SDK improvements for Affiliate Integrations.

  • Added necessary features for 3rd Parties.

  • Changed and improved the Dexible SDK Changes

  • Randomized the timing of TWAP rounds.

  • Improved wallet connection UX.

  • Updated UI for TWAP price bounds.

Dexible version 1.3 β€”Β 2022.08

Major UX Changes:

  • Generate a sample Quote

  • No sign-in is required to generate quotes

  • The app is overall easier to get started and use.

Small Fixes

  • Market Order reworded to Semgented Order.

  • Default order type displayed is now TWAP.

  • Updated the UI to use buttons & input text boxes as a replacement from the older slider interface.

  • Integrated Connect Wallet Dialog within the cockpit view and Order Logs views.

  • Set up improved internal error tracking.

  • Add modal to instruct user to install Metamask or use a browser with a wallet

UI version 1.2.1 β€” 2022.03.11

  • Order Types: Introduced Take Profit and Trailing Stop Orders.

  • Web UI (Cockpit): Made the Order Type Selector scrollable.

  • Web UI (Cockpit): Fix wrapper and order selector overlap.

  • Web UI (Cockpit): Update expected output display to be proportional with number of executed rounds.

  • Web UI (Order Logs): Fix several little bugs

UI version 1.2 β€”Β 2022.02.22

  • Network Integrations: BSC Mainnet network support added.

  • Network Integrations: Fantom Opera EVM compatible chain support added.

  • Order Logs Overall bar added to show current limit/stop price rates related to the order.

  • Order Logs: Improved Order Logs with current spot price rate market comparison overview.

  • Order Logs Order Rates bar reconfigured for cleaner comparison of Expected versus Actual fees

  • Order Blotter made collapsible on the main cockpit screen

  • Order Type Selector: order type icons introduced.

  • Fixed reporting bug that would render too many rows.

  • Fixed several critical price input and evaluation bugs.

UI version 1.1.5 β€”Β 2022.01.20

  • Order Types: Stop Limit Orders introduced β€” limit orders that wait on the swap pair price rate to dip below a primary stop price threshold before triggering the order, continuing until that price rebounds up to a secondary limit price. Great for catching rebounding markets.

  • Cockpit: Order Type Selector introducedβ€”this will make it far easier to add new orders into the interface, plus get information and tutorials in the UI.

  • Order Logs: Actual vs Expected modifications.

UI version 1.1.4 β€”Β 2022.01.03

  • New Order Logs page reorganization. Orders are now stacked on the left side bar, data content on the right is static, buttons are clearer to discover.

  • Cockpit: Order Estimates highlights

  • Cockpit: Order Form customization accordion

  • Webpage: new hero image on the landing page (now feature Simple Mode UI)

UI version 1.1.3 β€” 2021.11.16

  • Added simple mode for quick trades that follow Dexible recommendations

  • Fixed order duration time calculation

  • Style updates and minor bug fixes

UI version 1.1.2 β€” 2021.11.09

  • Introduces a Token Details modal to show the selected token's metadata

  • Updates the Customization card to a new accordion view in the Order Form

  • Adds spot price details of daily movement

  • Fixes WalletConnect message signing problem

  • Corrects price denomination syntactical issue to reduce confusion

  • Maps default limit/stop price to the spot price

  • Fixes token selection/max button disabled issues on L2s

  • Updates to light-mode aesthetics

UI version 1.1.1 β€” 2021.10.20

  • Introduces a Dexible Light mode

  • Renders a Dark Mode/Light Mode toggler

  • Upgrades Dexible app initialization UX

  • Updates with new various app aesthetics (monospace fonts, scrollbar & navbar styling)

  • Updates visual organization of the Order Form

  • Updates Dexible app Metamask sign in prompt message to be more user friendly

  • Makes API docs accessible from app navbar

  • Fixes broken webpage docs links (previously linked to instead of

  • Fixes for Network Selection dropdown

  • Fixes for Navbar button & dropdown modal behavior

UI version 1.1.0 β€”Β 2021.10.14

  • Integrated the Polygon Network & relevant liquidity sources (like Quickswap & Sushiswap) for order execution

  • Integrated the Avalanche Network & relevant liquidity sources (Pangolin, SushiSwap and TraderJoe)

  • Updated the wrapper dropdown modal to enable wrapping MATIC (MATIC <> wMATIC) when the user is on the Polygon Network

  • Created a Network Selector to pick Ethereum or Polygon networks with Metamask

  • Enabled logic for inverting spot price rate

  • Links SDK to selected L2 network name

  • Updated webpage career team culture section

  • Visualized immature token selection warnings

UI version 1.0.4 β€” 2021.09.27

  • Updated Coingecko API to support multiple networks

  • Visualized immediate buy & sell triggers, based on user-added limit and stop strike prices relative to the spot market price rate

  • Updated the global price rate state especially for spot price rates to price rates for limit & stop loss orders

  • Rendered a "Getting Quote"

  • Cached the representation of USDC to make rendering data quicker

UI version 1.0.3 Hotfix #1 β€”Β 2021.09.23

  • Auto-refresh in the order form given a more clear disabled and activated state

  • Clarified semantic logic for stop and limit orders in the Order Form

  • Order Submission Confirmation Modal Added after a user hits the submit order button

UI version 1.0.3 β€” 2021.09.21

  • TWAP order upper and lower bounds

  • Wrap ETH to WETH modal accessible from navbar

  • Auto-refresh & countdown component added to the Order Form

  • Current gas price component added in the navbar

  • Base Rate updated to Spot Price in the Order Form

  • Stop & Limit strike price components updated in the Order Form

  • Price (before fees) added to Estimated Outcomes section

  • Webpage upgraded with APIs, Careers, and Community links

UI Version 1.0.2 β€” 2021.09.14

  • Enabled TWAP Time Period Expiration

  • Filter by date capability added to Order Logs

  • Liquidity Sources for each order added to Estimated Outcomes

UI version 1.0.1 β€”Β 2021.09.07

  • Export to CSV capability added to the Order Logs

  • Refresh button added to the Order Logs

  • Python API SDK available

  • Notifications Button

UI version 1.0.0 β€”Β 2021.09.01

Alpha UI version 0.5 β€”Β 2021.03

  • Integrated with Sushiswap

Alpha UI version 0.4 β€” 2021.02

  • Enabled TWAP orders

Alpha UI Version 0.0.3 β€”Β 2021.01

  • Enabled Order Customization

Alpha UI Version 0.2 β€” 2020.12.21

Alpha UI Version 0.0.1 β€” 2020.12

  • Introduced Segmented Market and Limit capabilities.

  • Created order estimates

  • Created cards for market and limit orders

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